Our Story

Our Mission

Our focus is to source fruit from organic, single-site vineyards that have passionate people behind them. This results in the highest quality wine while remaining affordable and attainable for everyone.


Meet the Team

Revik was founded in 2015 with long-time friends, Philip Holbrook and Wil Prim, along with their wives, Danni and Lauren. The following year, Gustavo Sotelo joined the Revik family, spearheading the winemaking alongside Phil.

As high school sweethearts in Napa Valley, Phil and Danni have always been immersed within an industry based in hospitality, food and wine. This passion fueled their inspiration and drive to start their own brand.

Wil and Lauren have a home on Howell Mountain where Wil grew up, helping out with his family’s wine company. With Wil being involved in the industry, he knew he wanted to start his own wine project and Lauren was up for the challenge to assist him.


Behind the Label

The centerpiece of our label is a beautiful watercolor cherry blossom, painted especially for Revik by Phil’s late grandmother. The label is inspired by her many handmade menus which were crafted for all occasions, both big and small.


Behind Revik